I was informed by my husband, then boyfriend, that any woman who married him would homeschool through high school.... Which is not at all an intimidating thing to tell the 18 year old girlfriend you've been dating for four weeks! But, I accepted his challenge twenty years ago and have been pushing my two boys to see the rich and beautiful things in life for the last twelve years. We indulge our love for all things Charlotte Mason with our own twists and turns to account for one ADHD monkey child and a highly verbal dysgraphic counterpart. In my out-of-the-mom moments, I serve on my church's Missions Leadership Team, head up our Deaf Interpretation Team, teach Continuing Education ASL for Kilgore College, and spend many an hour deep-diving in research on nutrition, hormonal health, and trauma. Nothing gives me greater joy than to learn, grow, teach and share. And almost nothing can get me to stop talking, once I've started!

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